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Where to stay at Krui -South Sumatra

How to get to Family Losmen

  • From Jakarta by plane to Bandar Lampung (capital of S Sumatra) is a 3/4 hour flight.
  • From Bandar Lampung to the Krui area is around 6 hours in a hire car – by far the best option. Local buses might take 9 uncomfortable hours or more!
  • Family Losmen can arrange a modern aircon vehicle to pick you up at the Bandar Lampung airport -enjoy the trip through the lush Southern Sumatran countryside. Cost per car is Rp 1,000,000 for up to 5 persons. Surfers bring your own soft racks for your boards.

From Australia airlines such as Air Aisa, Pacificblue and Jetstar frequently have cheap flight. It’s definately worthwhile signing up to these sites newsletters if you want a cheap flight to get to surf sumatra :)